Watercolors: The Journey

An artsy puzzle adventure filled with colors

The story of a bratty little girl on her way to becoming a master painter through solving watercolors levels. Keep your mind
sharp and join Amelie in her adventure.

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The mind-painting puzzle game

Mix red, yellow and blue to paint your way through hundreds of challenging levels. Fill the glowing circles with the indicated color to complete each puzzle. Just wait and see what happens when you combine all three colors, it might BLOW your mind!

A logic puzzle for artists
Hayley Tsukayama, Washington Post

A breath of fresh air: a colour-based game that
involves playing with blue, yellow and red paints
on-screen, combining them where necessary
Stuart Dredge, The Guardian

It has plenty to offer to fans of puzzle games
Chris Priestman, PocketGamer.co.uk

It's a relaxing, neatly realised game
David Price, Macworld UK

Watercolors is a great puzzle for all ages.
It is quite challenging for adults,
yet still approachable for kids
Eric Pramono, GeeksWithJuniors.com

Watercolors combines your love of color and
puzzle games into a challenging and addictive treat
Christine Chan, AppAdvice.com